Warehouse / transloading

Kaelum’s efficient distribution centers deliver top procurement, warehousing and storage assets and management savvy to enhance your productivity and lower your costs through best-in-industry production workflows. As staging locations, warehouses play a crucial role in restocking, replenishing, order fulfillment, safekeeping, in short, all the necessary steps that conform the best practices of supply chain management.

Service Areas

Central Florida 
South Florida 



  • Inventory Control: Real time IT tools for speedy and streamlined access to information on inventory status, orders, and transactions
  • Product Tracking
  • Remote Inventory Visibility
  • Kitting: Replenishing inventory through single or tiered shipments
  • Order Fulfillment on a par with today’s on-demand world, ideal for quick turnaround
  • Sound Operating Procedures + Workflow = Healthy Supply Chain
  • Best Safety Practices
  • Fully Secured Facility
  • Certified Staff
  • On-Going, On-Site Training
  • Pull & Prep: We package and prepare your goods for shipment anywhere in the U.S.
  • Loading, Unloading & Offloading
  • Sort ‘n Seg: Best categorization system for item sorting and segregating


  • All inventory gets thoroughly inspected before and after shipment
  • Kaelum in-house repair and refurbishment support
  •  Freight Consolidation
  • Consolidation of unrelated items into single shipments
  • Shipment Transfer, from one truck to another
  • Sort and Repalletize items
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